Fighting Childhood Obesity at Home Before It Causes Tinnitus

Kids that grew up in the 60s,70s and 80s, who are now parents today had it a little easier growing up.  There was no internet, social media, cell phones and most televisions only got a few channels.  These kids had to amuse themselves outside, they had chores to do, they rode bikes, went swimming in the summer and spend much of their day engaging in physical activity.

Parents, even those that worked full time seemed to spend more time outside than people do nowadays.  Lawns were mowed, driveways were shoveled and both parents usually worked in the garden.  Much of that has changed today, not that some parents and kids aren’t really active but with childhood obesity rising and our children aren’t expected to have a life span as long as us.  It is evident that something has changed and we need to fix it.  Fighting childhood obesity at home is where we need to start.

Too Busy

This isn’t about pointing fingers this is about pointing out some changes in the way we live as a family.  Once our work day is done the last thing any of us want to do is head to the gym or jump on the treadmill for an hour.  Workdays are stressful you want to come home, relax and curl up with comfort food, preferably that you didn’t have to make sounds perfect.  Except this isn’t working, it is leaving our children bored and fat.  We can’t continue to do that.


Your children not only watch what you cook they watch what you eat.  As they grow up these are the nutritional lessons that they are going to learn.  Ask yourself if you’re comfortable with that.  Will they being learning how to prepare healthy meals or will they be learning to order take out.  If you want them to live long healthy lives it starts with nutrition and good eating.  Here is some help in teaching your kids to eat right.


You can come up with some pretty valid excuses not to exercise, not enough time or you’re too tired.  You need to remember that at the same time you’re a role model.  Consider getting a family dog, it serves two purposes, it allows you and your children to get some exercise as they need to be walked regularly.  It also teaches your kids about looking after something else and making sure the family dog is cared for.

Do you have to be perfect…no.  You do need to be motivated and teach your toddlers good habits is a lot easier than trying to change your teenager.  Childhood obesity is a huge issue in our country and we need parents to help fix it.


Recent research from the Tinnitus Treatment Center shows that childhood obesity has a direct link to Tinnitus. In many ways, this research shows there is a very strong correlation between being obese and getting tinnitus when you are older. If your child complains of their ears ringing, be sure to contact a trained audiologist ASAP. offers a great directory of trained audiologists that can help your child with their ear problems. If you have any questions at all about what causes tinnitus and how it can be prevented, be sure to contact your local pediatrician or tinnitus specialist.